How long does a background check take for a job

how long does a background check take for a job
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how long does a background check take for a job
“how long does a background check take for a job”

What comes up on a background check

I’m not talking about references now. You’ve already had the references. You’re getting a job offer. Now. I’m talking about “how long does a background check take for a job” and how to face them without a doubt.

But the reason why I’m doing this tip is you ought to know something that’s going on out there. What I’m seeing as a professional recruiter more and more, and that is


Companies are now checking credit. So not only your criminal background record.

Anything you may have in your background, but also now some companies are checking, we’re seeing this more and more credit. Your credit report, you’re doing a credit check along with this.

So when you fill out those forms. You put out your social security number or whatever, and all the details of what they’re going to do on this background report, background check, they may also be checking your credit. So something to be aware of.

So it used to be we’d always see credit checks being performed for financial positions, which makes sense. These people are going to be handling money within the company. So we get a lot of credit reports, credit checks if you will. Also, with the criminal background checks.

When companies are looking to hire someone, and now we’re starting to see it manage credit checks for people who aren’t handling finances.

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Make sense?

If you’re going to handle a financial person that their own credit, their own financials are in order, totally makes sense. Now, we’re starting to see it more and more, just regular positions.

I know like you don’t have enough things to worry about now. You gotta worry about your credit when you’re out there looking for a job, but they’re doing it for character issues and things like this.

how long does a background check take for a job
“how long does a background check take for a job”

How to handle employment background checks when they include credit checks

Well, I’m telling you this, I want you to be aware of it, but more importantly, how to handle it. Here’s the thing that, keep in mind now, you don’t want to do this on the first or second meetings first or the second interview, okay?

But when it gets to the point where you want to go to work for the company and they want to make you an offer and it’s getting to the offer stage.

You’re getting ready to, you’ve done your references, they’ve checked you out, and they’re going to make you an offer and everything, and they extend you an offer, and it’s agreeable to you.


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How long does a background check take for a job

It’s up to you. Don’t think about that much just focus the point and archive it. Read carefully to find the best way for you.

You don’t bring up issues in your background before they even like you, right? Make sure that the company knows, gets to know you, knows you, likes you.

You get to know them like them, they extend you an offer and it’s acceptable. That’s key. You still don’t want to bring up stuff in your background of the company.

You don’t want to go to work there or if the offers not acceptable. But if the offer is acceptable, now they’re going to do some background, and you have a DUI, you have a bankruptcy, you have something in your background, and now you’re like, “Oh my gosh, am I going to get this position?” 

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Here’s what you want to do

Before they conduct a background check, which may include the credit, once again, I want you to address these issues with the hiring manager, the person you would report to take them into your confidence and tell them specifically what it is and your background.

Let me caution you on this You don’t want to do this too Soon

This way. If you do it too soon, let me caution you on this. You don’t want to do this too soon because let’s let the relationship kind of set in through several different interviews.

What can happen is you usually tell him, “Hey, you know, I owned a business, a, it went bankrupt, or whatever the situation is…If I had a divorce and my financials went to haywire. The company I was with went out of business. I had a DUI”. Tell them about that. 

“how long does a background check take for a job”

How to build confidence and self esteem

A lot of times what I’ve had is when I’m dealing with clients and I have a candidate with some issue in their background, again, I’m not talking about references, we’re past that. Or at the offer stage where a background check is being conducted.

If I addressed this with the client and say, “Hey, look, I know you really liked Charlie, you’re getting ready to make him an offer. His reference came back excellent. You just need to understand something.

He’s on a suspended license or whatever he’s out of. He’s, he has a DUI and it was a mistake. It’s a one-time thing and just, I want to let you know that”


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Don’t skip paragraphs

Okay, it’s going to come up in the background check. Now, if the company has given company cars or company trucks. This is going to be important for them to know. This makes knock you out of running for the position. It won’t if you’ve let the relationship build through several meetings and stuff.

So it’s very key to address any issues you have that at or in your background, credit, or otherwise before the background check. In other words, I want them to know this before they find out on their own. You get it,

“how long does a background check take for a job”

Let them know these things before they find out on their own

You don’t want to do it too soon. Not at a first meeting, not in a second meeting. That one the, you haven’t got that relationship built up with them yet, but once you have, you want to work there, they want to make you an offer, they’re going to extend you an offer. They do extend you an offer.

They check your references, and the offer is acceptable. By the way, we’re going to have to do a background check, a criminal credit, whatever  I need to take it in my confidence. I had a divorce a year ago, blah, blah, blah.

Then you explained your situation and be very positive about it and how it’s a onetime issue. It’s behind you and now you’re moving forward. Obviously, Those of you that have been incarcerated or had some kind of major, major issue, this is a big stumbling block for you.

That’s a tip for another day. I do have ways that you can handle if you’ve been to prison or jail or whatever. But that’s not for this tip today. So go into your issue. Well, before the background check, my experience is that most companies, if it’s explained to them ahead of time, they can cross it off.

They can go to the human resources and kind of pass them, you know, get you run down this hall and intercept your paperwork and say “Hey, listen, I just want to let you know, I really like this person.

I really want to hire them. He told me he has a DUI that’s going to come up in the background check.”  Let’s don’t worry about it. Whatever the situation is, the hiring manager can have some pull on this case, especially if he found out ahead of time.

So You want to make sure that they find out from you before they actually conduct the background checks and that’s, that’s your employment background check and dealing with them.

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