How many law schools should I apply to

how many law schools should i apply to
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Whether you’re coming straight through from undergrad or pursuing law schools for a career change, this guide “How many law schools should I apply to” will be very helpful for you.

how many law schools should i apply to

What can I do with a law degree

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  • There are no prerequisites, and that just means that you don’t have to know an undergrad.
  • You can even do pre-med and end up at law schools
  • Also, you can do science and end up at law schools.
  • You don’t have to be like a poly sci major, a philosophy major, or anything like that.
  • You can major in whatever you want.



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Don’t take the LSAT if you’re not ready

This happens to many people. They’re like; I’m testing like this etc. You want to consistently be testing where you eventually want to score before you take the LSAT.

how many law schools should i apply to
“How many law schools should I apply to”

How to prepare for law school

  • Take classes that you enjoy,
  • Take classes that you’re interested in.
  • Make sure you do well in those classes, and that’s going to help you.

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How to choose a law school

So law schools are ranked by the USA news world report or whatever they call themselves, and this ranking is one to however many, and the top 14 are the law schools that will give you the best exist options as far as job opportunities and post-grad income.

how many law schools should i apply to
“How many law schools should I apply to”

Is biglaw worth it

That’s the vault 100, these are the biggest law firms in the world. If you want to do big law, go into the top 14 schools. Obviously, there are going to be exceptions to the rule, but a lot of these law firms only interview at like six schools and some of the interviews at more than that, but they’re mostly in the top 14.


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List of T14 law schools

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Especially if you’re not going to a law school in a big market, so if you go to law schools in New York, even if you don’t go to like NYU or Columbia, you may have more opportunities than someone who’s going to a lower-ranked school in like the Midwest, That’s the reality. That’s the game of law schools.

So follow how many law schools should I apply to furthermore,

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“How many law schools should I apply to”

Create a Timeline

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  • I would recommend giving yourself at least six months before you press send on your application to prepare for law schools.

  • Some people take the LSAT their very first time and get 175, and they’re straight good for them. Many people, though, the vast majority of people, which is not their reality.

  • You should maintain a study habit. (Like go to a library at 9:00 AM, leaving at 8:00 PM every day or two up until you take the test.

  • During that time period, you can take practice tests.
  • You can drilling logic games and logical reasoning sections.


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Law school recommendation letter

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  • Give yourself at least 3-4 months before you press send on your application.
  • Reach out to the professors that you want to write your recommendation for law schools.

  • If you interned somewhere during undergrad or if you worked postgrad, get one of your employers also to write your recommendation.

  • You want to give your recommender enough time to write a nice in-depth, thoughtful letter for you.

  • Pick someone who knows you really well and can write specifically for you.

  • Don’t go and get a random Senator who your mom worked for one time who doesn’t really know you, and it’s just going to give you a form recommendation even if this person isn’t as impressive on paper as you would think.

  • You want someone to write you a recommendation. Again, that’s going to be very specific to you, it’s going to be heartfelt, and it’s going to be compelling to the reader. Therefore, that’s something to think about.


After getting your recommendations, think about your narrative

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who am I

Change the narrative

The first thing you want to do is start thinking about your narrative. I know that this sounds like admission speaks, but for narrative, what I mean is, if you could give an elevator pitch, this is who I am. This is why I want to go to law school. That’s what your narrative is.

These admissions officers are looking at hundreds, thousands of applications, and you want to stand out in an ethical and positive way.

There are three things

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  • look at your resume,
  • look at your experiences,
  • list those things out


See if there’s a connection between them all. See if there’s a thread that connects them all. Then look at your interests, what pushed you to pursue the opportunities that you pursued. Lastly, you’re going to talk about your goals and your vision

So list out,

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  • What are your career goals?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years, 10 years, and 20 years?


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How to get into a top law school

When you have all top things down, you can do a little column, say, here are my experiences.

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  • What’s the common thread between them all?
  • What skills have I gained from those experiences?
  • Then say, here are my interests.
  • These are the things that led me to pursue those different experiences,
  • Here are indicators of the experiences that I will pursue in the future



Then go to your goals and your vision for yourself and say, how have my skills and my interests partnered to put me in the best footing to achieve these goals.

Therefore, that’s going to say to law school admissions people, and this person has a narrative that makes sense. It makes sense for them to want to come to law school now.

Many people see law schools as something to do when you’re stuck in your career.

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What Law admission officers wanted to see from you?

This is someone who is experiencing their interests, and their goals are in line with what law school is meant to do, which is to produce people who will eventually practice loss. Therefore, that’s just something to keep in mind.

how many law schools should i apply to

Informational interview tips

You can write essays and stuff, and you can sit down with people in your professional and educational network Who had applied to law school and gotten in.

Say, okay, I’m interested in schools like Columbia, NYU, Chicago, Penn, et cetera. Really, make an effort to talk to people who went to those calibers of schools because they can give you insight that’s more relevant to your own goals.

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How to organize yourself

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  • Have a calendar
  • have planners


Examples: academic planner, blogging type stuff, etc.


how many law schools should i apply to

What to do after graduation

It’s good to work for at least a year and a half after you graduate. Many people do go straight through, and that’s less of a setback at some schools over others.

Harvard law is a school that really likes people to work before coming in, but that doesn’t mean that if you don’t work, you’re not going to get in.


It’s just helpful to have some experience to say. I want to be a lawyer. I’ve had these experiences in the field, and I know that this is something that I want to do. It makes you less of a gamble.

Like I said, start early. Give yourself time. If you’re rushing, it’s going to show in your application, and you just want to give yourself as much time as possible.

Many schools say, Oh, we take your best score, or oh, we average it, they’re going to see the bad score. So just, give yourself time and don’t rush yourself at all

Make crime pay, become a lawyer – Will Rogers