How To Accept Life Is Unfair

How to accept life is unfair? Life isn’t always fair, but how do you deal with it? Good people have bad luck, and vice versa. Unfortunately, even if you understand this intellectually, you will still be irritated and upset when things do not go your way.

It’s sometimes preferable to accept that things aren’t going to work out – at least for now. You may do your most challenging, but you can’t always control your circumstances. When someone close to you dies, you lose your job unexpectedly, or your favorite pet becomes ill, you must confront the facts: the world can be cruel.

When Life Isn’t Fair, Here Are Some Things To Do

How To Accept Life Is Unfair : Go back to the fundementals

Get some exercise.

Our emotions, according to studies, influence our physiology. Muscle pains, joint pain, GI trouble, exhaustion, sleep problems, and headaches are just a few symptoms.

If you’re always outraged about life’s injustices, it might negatively influence your health. The highs and lows of momentary rage and the aftermath may harm your health. Anger might increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and respiratory/lung issues. It may also shorten your life span and weaken your immune system.

In Chinese medicine, emotions are retained in the body at a cellular level, akin to the notion of “muscle memory” in golf.

Know that you can become more vital if you find yourself in a position that seems unjust to you or is otherwise tough to handle.

However, it may cause physical symptoms before you know you’re on the verge of emotional anguish. Integrative modalities and bodywork may also cause emotional release, such as tears in specific individuals without any evident or conscious trigger.

Go back to the fundamentals.

Infants can teach us a few things about weeping and screaming, two behaviors that may be useful on occasion. Each has a primordial element, and they may be therapeutic in a problematic situation. Crying may also have a self-soothing effect since the parasympathetic nervous system is activated.

There’s a reason heavy metal bands are still popular, and Edvard Munch’s masterwork “The Scream” elicits such a visceral response in so many people. Iceland offers the chance to scream and let off steam and advice from a mental health professional on making the most of the experience.

Finally, get in touch with your body to recognize the early warning signals that your body is sending you that emotional strain is rising. A body scan meditation may help you practice identifying where your emotions are felt in your body.

Speak your mind.

We sometimes only need to unload to feel grounded and closer to emotional equilibrium.

Unpacking may take a variety of forms:

  • Journal.
  • Make a letter or send an email, but don’t send it.
  • Make something artistic.
  • Make poetry.
  • Journaling

Journaling is an affordable and straightforward approach to identifying and describing your emotions, recording the situations or person who triggers them, and investigating the why behind them. You could also learn more about your thoughts, habits of behavior, and methods of processing and responding.

Anger, frustration, and overwhelm are strong emotions that must be let out to avoid exploding or reaching a breaking point.

Journaling gives a private and secure environment. You don’t have to share anything you write, and you may express how you feel rather than how you believe you “should” feel. If you aren’t honest with yourself, you will miss out on the advantages of journaling.

Make something artistic. You don’t have to be an “artist” to make art, and it may take various forms. It’s OK if you’ve never taken lessons or lack natural abilities. The goal is to find a means to communicate your feelings and improve your mood.

Make poetry. Poetry can capture and communicate emotions. It can assist you psychologically escape as well as provide insights and self-awareness.

Live vicariously via justice.

Suppose you’re having a bad day or have been psychologically dragged down by a string of bad luck; immersing yourself in a scenario where the good man triumphs might bring a feeling of vicarious justice. When life is unjust, seeing a narrative that ends with the victory of good over evil, even if it is justice one degree away, might be just the ticket.

So what if life isn’t fair?

How To Accept Life Is Unfair : Talk with your mind

If you try once and fail, you will quickly see that life is unfair. Life was not designed for those who try once and then give up; instead, it was designed for those who are motivated and strong-willed enough to keep trying until they achieve their goals.

You can either squander all of your energy and time complaining about how unfair life is to you, or you can embrace the truth that life will not survive until it is unjust to everyone in the world. So, what are we/you going to do now?

It Pushes You to New Heights

Life is a never-ending learning process. When awful things happen to you (or when something excellent doesn’t happen every time), it’s possible that it’s not simply poor luck. It might be an opportunity to learn something new about yourself, the world, and the people around you, propelling you to a new level.

Life may be unjust at times, forcing us out of our comfort zones, causing horrible things to happen to us, and preparing us for an invisible struggle since things don’t always go as planned.

You are in a competition with yourself in life.

Others may dispute that life is a competition. There is no right or wrong response; life is a competition, but you only compete with yourself. Especially, try not to compare yourself to others; instead, do your best to be happy.

Everyone must face difficulties in life. Consider how uninteresting life would be if we didn’t encounter problems; we wouldn’t be able to grow and learn if we didn’t go through these trials; we’d just be stuck and bored.

Pain Doesn’t Last Indefinitely

Hard times and difficulties keep us on our toes, encouraging us to adjust, grow, and overcome restrictions to avoid falling into a comfort and pleasure trap. Just because things are difficult and unpleasant right now doesn’t imply they will be for long.

Be Aware of Your Present Situation

You must be focused and aware of the current moment. You must accept and move on from whatever has occurred. Think about the now rather than the past or what will happen in the future. Sometimes we find ourselves amid a crisis, and it might seem as if we’re trapped in a cyclone that’s pushing us in a million different ways, making it difficult to decide which way to go. 


Now you may have knowledge about how to accept life is unfair. Life is unjust, and all you can do is go on while being aware of the present circumstance. It would help to let these emotions pass you by and not linger on them.

Rarely would it help if you let up on what you want to focus on what is required so that the agony may be relieved?

When life appears intolerable, you may feel like giving up. Still, you may overcome by recognizing the reality, hanging on to an optimistic future, and doing all you can right now to remain alive.

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