How to become a pharmacy technician without going to school

how to become a pharmacy technician without going to school
“how to become a pharmacy technician without going to school”

What does a pharmacy technician do

This is the easiest way for “how to become a pharmacy technician without going to school”. also for cvs application, walgreens certified salary and how to apply to . They work under a licensed pharmacist to help them dispense medication to customers and to other healthcare professionals.

Some of the tasks that a pharmacy tech will do on the job include things such as

  • Taking information needed to fill prescriptions from customers or other healthcare workers. They will measure the amounts of Medication for prescriptions.
  • They’ll package and label prescriptions
  • Organize inventory
  • Alert the pharmacist if they have a shortage of a particular type of medication.
  • They will accept payments for prescriptions and process insurance claims.
  • Answer phone calls from customers and enters the customer or patient information, including any kind of personal information into an actual database.
how to become a pharmacy technician without going to school
“how to become a pharmacy technician without going to school”

How to become a pharmacy technician without going to school (Easiest way)

This is for people that lived in Alabama specifically. I’m honestly not sure about other States. There may be different requirements, but for Alabama, this is what you do.

Visit website for apply to cvs application pharmacy technician. You have to upload your ID, and some form of sometimes I didn’t vacation type in some information about yourself, stuff like that, creating an account.

If you have “criminal records” or any “background check issues” please read my previous article which is bellow

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Then apply to cvs application pharmacy technician license. It’ll walk you through the steps.


Once you go on the website, you’ll pop for your license. You’ll get your license in the mail. Within that week, they’re pretty fast.

After you receive your license, you go and find a job. You can apply to places like CVS, walgreens. Those kinds of places do all the job training for Walgreens certified pharmacy technician for a trainee salary.

What they’re doing is they’re going to train you on the job to do, to become a walgreens certified pharmacy technician for a reasonable salary, month to pass your board certification test.

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Salary analysis

You can get job offers for $18 an hour, $14 an hour. I started at $9 an hour. So there are different pay rates that you can get check the article below. There is money in pharmacy. People are always in my drugs. So there you go with that.

People are always going to any of the prescriptions, medications. So that’s what I did to find a job. You just ask people, are they hiring? You feel like cvs application pharmacy technician? unless apply to CVS is always hiring Walgreens, and then you’re on the job training, and you’re a walgreens certified pharmacy technician to get an enough salary

Once you get that license in the mail, you are now a licensed pharmacy technician, even without the training.

How much salary does a pharmacy tech make?

Well, as of 2018, according to the Bureau of labor statistics, the average income was $15.72 per hour and $32,700 per year.

“This is the national average within the United States”

You can check the latest update via U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS

The Bureau of labor statistics predicted a 20% growth rate for this profession between the years 2012 to 2022, so there will be some growth, which is always good.

Can you lose a job offer by negotiating salary

[tie_list type=”lightbulb”]

  • The years of experience, you have.
  • The industry in which you work
  • State in which you live and so forth


Industries w/highest Employment

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  • Health & Personal Care Services: $29,200
  • General Med & Surgical hospitals: $35,820
  • Other Gen. Merchandise Stores: $29,610 (CV, Walgreens, etc.)


Top paying industries

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  • Federal Executive Branch: $41,480
  • Outpatient Care Centers: $39,750
  • Scientific R&D: $39,480


Top paying States

[tie_list type=”checklist”]

  • Washington: $40,300
  • Alaska: $39,980
  • California: $39,710


Lowest paying States

[tie_list type=”checklist”]

  • West Virginia: $26,510
  • Alabama: $26,920
  • Kentucky: $27,170


Check some salary information for all 50 States if you want to see if you lived in a different state, see what your average was there.


cvs certified pharmacy technician salary
“how to become a pharmacy technician without going to school”

Pharmacy technician license lookup

The license is $100. Initially, every year you have to renew your license. If you lose your license, you have to pay $40.

In other words, they see you license one that you keep in your pocket. If you’re to go to another pharmacy, work, and one that they hang at your pharmacy that you work at, you know, they hang out in the store. That is how you apply to cvs application pharmacy technician course. It’s simple.

Most of the jobs you have benefits. I haven’t seen one job that didn’t have benefits. They also pay decent pay, in my opinion. The only thing is the hours are kind of crazy, honestly. I’ve never had a job where you get set hours like a nine to five. Now they, those shops do exist, but it’s very rare. Most pharmacies are open Monday through Sunday.

Well, at least cvs certified pharmacy technician salary is kind of a coin. I would say because who wants to be working every day? Like who wants not to know a set schedule.

cvs certified pharmacy technician salary
“how to become a pharmacy technician without going to school”

Pharmacy technician requirements

If you want to become a pharmacy tech, the education requirements are not that extensive.

You can become certified in as little as about one year or less through a certificate program, and that is usually done at a community college or technical school. However, there are some programs that may lead to an associate’s degree, but that’s generally all or requires in most States.

In addition, you will have to have a GED or diploma. But, you may have to do background checks. You may have to take an exam or something like that. So that’s usually involved, but usually about a year last.


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Pharmacy technician career path

I think it depends on what kind of pharmacy tech you are.

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  • It’s fast-paced[/tie_list]

For me, it’s a pro because it makes time go by faster and you’re doing. It’s not as you’re just standing there doing nothing. You, it just makes time go by faster and you’re doing more things. I guess it’s more interesting than just sitting down in an office

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  • You’re not the essence here.[/tie_list]

You’re not sitting down all day. I mean, this going to be a pro and a con again, but I think it’s okay because you’re not sitting down and eating and like getting fat.

You’re related to, and you like getting your steps in, walking back and forth, and things like that. Yeah, you’re just not being lazy.

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  • It’s enough to last a fresh job.[/tie_list]

For some states, you don’t even have to do any schooling to be a pharmacy tech, and you already make better, more than you would make at a, like a retail store, like a, at a like forever 21 or something.

So it pays more than any other first job, and it’s not minimum wage, so it pays more than minimum wage.

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  • You get pharmacy knowledge.[/tie_list]

However, If you’re plan is to go to med school afterward, You know what the medications are before you even get to Mexico. So it might be easier when you’re taking your pharmacology classes or in the future, or even if you want to be a pharmacist.

It’s kind of like getting your foot in the door because you can get recommendations from pharmacists. In other words, if you’re applying to pharmacy school, you can say that you worked at a pharmacy.

In addition, it might give you an up over people that haven’t done any of that. Therefore, that’s a big pro if you want to do that if you want to pursue higher education.

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  • Some pharmacists will buy you food, which is good.[/tie_list]

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  • If you went to a pharmacy tech school, the credits wouldn’t transfer to pharmacy school.[/tie_list]

So it’s not like you do one year in pharmacy tech, and then you would only have like three years left to be a pharmacist. You still have to do four extra years. It’s not like they go hand in hand.

After that, if you were a pharmacy tech, you start to do the same amount of time as a pharmacist,  I guess it makes sense because pharmacy tech doesn’t really do as much.

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  • You’re on your feet all day at the pharmacy.[/tie_list]

This means, I work at least in the retail setting, as a pharmacy technician for enough salary, also once as a CVS too. actually, you’re literally on your feet all day. There’s no referee to sit, and even if you do, some people are going to look at you like you’re crazy because you can’t say you’re walking back and forth from a shelf, getting medication to like the counting counter, so the counter where you count the medications and things like that.

So you definitely can’t say there’s like, there’s isn’t even a chair in the pharmacy, and that’s you’re in the break room or something.

[tie_list type=”minus”]

  • A lot of old people not ok with the pharmacist.[/tie_list]

Obviously, like they get so rude so, you do encounter many rude people, especially to be working at a CVS or if you work in South Florida because all the old people want to retire in South Florida.

They literally all come to the pharmacy at the same time because they have a little like a shuttle that takes them to the pharmacy and they like all they up and they get so angry and grumpy for no reason.

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  • You’re exposed to chemicals.[/tie_list]

The hospital setting. When you’re mixing IV bags, you’re exposed to chemicals, like not always, but you could be harmed by some of these chemicals.

In addition, in the retail setting, there are some medications that they use for Abortions and stuff, and like pregnant women can’t even touch these medications with their bare hands.

So you’re exposed to these chemicals, which is not suitable for you, but it’s part of the job. Therefore, that’s why you’re not supposed to touch the medications with your hands, but things happened. However, people do it anyway.