Law of attraction affirmations

law of attraction affirmations
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law of attraction affirmations
“law of attraction affirmations”

What is an affirmation

What does it go to do with the law of attraction affirmations and how does it actually work? When you actually say something, you declare something, or in a more profound sense, you declare something to the universe, when you say something, these affirmations that you practice on a daily basis.


Do affirmations work

In this article, I’m going to break down for you exactly why and how you can use affirmations actually to better your life. Actually, to change your vibrational frequencies. So start attracting what you want in life. Energy is everything and everything is energy. Therefore, everything is vibration.

When it comes to affirmations, it’s not just about saying the words. Emotions hold a stronger vibration than words alone.


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How can I change my life and be happy

This is something that school kind of never told us. However, if we look at it this way from a very logical sense, right? Science has it that everything is vibration.

Therefore, when we’re actually speaking, there’s a vibration that what we see is also a vibration. An action is a vibration. Everything is vibration. Therefore, it’s like not really a surprise that when you have something that’s of a positive frequency, it also attracts that have a definite frequency.

When that happens, so let’s say for example. You say, right now, I feel good. It’s feeling great. I feel amazing. I’ve thought that word holds this vibration, but actually beyond that.

What does this actually mean if you understand it like this? For example, if you were to say, “I’m happy.” you can feel that vibrational energy is very different.

When you say “I’m so happy right now. “  Some people think, but that’s kind of like faking it. Why are we like faking to be happy or faking to be in love or faking that we have money?

Actually, by putting ourselves there right now, when we vibrate at that. Frequency. It actually attracts our reality. So if we look at it in this way, we start understanding that the more we allow ourselves in that frequency, and by the way, this is very important when it comes to affirmations.


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It’s not just about doing it once in the morning

That does a little bit, but the rest of your day, your morning routine, your daily routine. Who you hang around with, your surroundings, what you usually talk about, what your subconscious programming is.

All of these things play a part in your vibrational frequencies too. The thing is this, just to wrap up, affirmations are super important

So when it’s in Fetter brainwave. Some of you will be thinking, “What on earth is?” That’s a brainwave. If you just imagine this just before you fall asleep, your eyes start tiring, and you kind of like, Oh, dozing off, and then some things just receive into your subconscious mind.

You don’t even know what’s going on there. That’s a lot better. Brainwave state. You are most receptive to this state because there’s less noise and your mind is most calm. That’s why I always say it’s best to practice this in the mornings. In addition, best to practice this just before bed because our mind is most calm.

law of attraction affirmations
“law of attraction affirmations”

How effective is in affirmation practice

The first few times you practice affirmations, they might feel good. You can tell yourself you are amazing. You are happy that you will live in the present moment, and you might feel those emotions the first couple of times that you do it.

Then like by the third or fourth day, it sort of gets tiresome and you don’t really feel the emotions associated with the affirmations that you’re saying anymore.

That becomes a problem because when you’re doing something consistently and you feel out of alignment with what you’re saying to yourself, it’s a jarring feeling, and it doesn’t produce any results that you would want.

“law of attraction affirmations”


The way people look

When you think about your dog, cat or any pet, they don’t have language. We, as human beings, we have language and we think in language. Therefore, when I tell myself I am happy,

I’m connecting a series of words that mean something It gives me a feeling. Animals, they don’t do that because we have this unique ability to think in words, we think that words are the only things that are conducive to thought when in reality. It’s the energy that the words capture that creates a feeling or an emotion in us.

When your dog is thinking, it’s not actually formulating words or phrases. You can’t even comprehend what it’s doing. So to put earlier faith in words as an animal, which you are, is putting all your faith in something that really doesn’t objectively do anything.

So you could say I am happy. It’s sad, fantastic, I am confident. There are only representations of feelings.If you’re not feeling the right thing, then you’re not giving yourself the right affirmation. The problem becomes when you’re saying affirmations repeatedly, the associative energy that you connect with the words that you’re saying might not always be what you want.


Therefore, if you’re not genuinely feeling the things that you want to feel when you’re affirming them, you’re not going to help yourself in any way whatsoever. So. You have to believe you are what you want to be In order to be that. You have to have it first. It’s difficult to say that I am confident in social interactions when you don’t believe that you’re confident in social action.

An easy way to do it actually is, do it when your mind is most receptive.

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When you don’t believe in yourself

Some people can affirm it because they’re close enough that they can begin to feel the associate of energy they need with their affirmation. However, many people can’t. I’ve experienced that.

I’ve gone through affirmations dozens and dozens of times and been through that exact process where initially it feels great. Then. It starts to wear off.

law of attraction affirmations
“law of attraction affirmations”


This is what I do

Whenever I feel like I need to improve some aspect of myself, or I feel like I’m lacking a belief that will empower me instead of affirming things. Instead of creating affirmations and labels, which are supposed to mean certain things.

I will actually communicate with my unconscious mind. I will say I’ll get up every morning. In addition, I’ll give myself instructions. So try this instead.

Give yourself instructions on how you want to feel because when you’re giving yourself instructions, you’re actually picturing what you want and you’re giving yourself the raw.

You tend to naturally give yourself the right labels because the image you’re holding in your mind when you’re giving instructions is that of. This is what I want. So behave this way. I get that. So you’re almost, in a way, tying the words that you’re using to the correct mental image.

I know this is like really Philosophical. So I’ll talk to three different aspects of myself and give those three aspects of my instructions and the way I do it, and I break, I break it down into three groups.

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  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Body


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My thoughts are with you

So I’ll tell my soul thoughts about how I want my thoughts to think. I’ll say thoughts, listen up, and I’ll command with authority because my mind wants to help me. That’s what it wants.

The problem is it just doesn’t have clarity on how to do it. You’ll have certain beliefs sometimes or thinks through certain things that your mind doesn’t realize are hurting you.

However, your unconscious mind doesn’t realize they’re hurting you, but your conscious mind knows. So your unconscious mind wants to help you. It wants to think about the thoughts that are serving you. Sometimes it just doesn’t know how to do that. So these instructions will help you to tell it what to do.

So I’ll get up every morning, and I’ll say, thoughts, listen up, I want you to stop being so scattered. Stop wasting your time and energy with fears and doubts and old worries, memories that don’t do us any good.

Thoughts from now on, I want you to think about beautiful things about our goals, about our plans, about ways of helping others in ways of improving ourselves.

I’ll milk the meaning out of the words that I’m saying, picturing what I want. I’m emphasizing the words I’m squeezing every drop of meaning out of each word that I say.

Then I thank my thoughts. I’m like, thank you. This will help us. I want you to think about these things. Don’t think about these things and stop wasting your time with those.


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My feelings

Then I’ll move on to feelings. I’ll say feelings. Listen up. I want you to stop dwelling on fears and anxieties, old hurts, grudges, anger, resentment, guilt, jealousy, any of those things. If you have any of them come up, go ahead and fuel them for a little, but then replace them.

I want you to dwell on good feelings and list the feelings that you want to have. Positive feelings. Abundant feelings, wealthy feelings, appreciative feelings, excited feelings, enthusiastic feelings, really like squeeze the meaning out of them and tell your feelings. That’s how you want to feel, and that will serve you.

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My body belongs to me

Next, I’ll talk to my body. I’ll say, body, listen up. You do all kinds of beautiful things like pumping blood and replacing cells that I don’t need to have to tell you to do.

However, from now on, I want you to do everything even better. And so I’ll tell it to, I want you to utilize food and air more efficiently than you already do.

I want you to stop doing anything, which takes away from our strength, energy, health, etc. I want you to feel pleasure more and give more pleasure to others. I’ll say those things to my body.

Then I’ll thank my body. I’ll thank my thoughts, I think my feelings, and believe it or not, all these things that I just listed out loud, and this is miraculous.

Give your mind, which is your servant. It is there to serve you clear instructions on how to serve

“law of attraction affirmations”

Understanding the unconscious mind

When you do that, your unconscious mind, your subconscious mind will start to realize what you want. It will start to get clear direction on how it can serve you. The affirmations that you were doing, as they won’t be out of touch with you anymore.

You’ll actually be giving yourself a clear, distinct message. Your unconscious mind will start to behave in the way that you want it to behave. This is the most powerful practice I’ve ever done in my life. It repeatedly helps me.

Your unconscious mind wants what’s best for you. The thing that probably taught prioritizes over all other things is your health and wellbeing.

So if you can convince yourself that thinking the way you want to think, feeling the way you want to feel, and your body performing the way you want it to perform going to serve your health and wellbeing. Then your subconscious mind will carry out those things. It just has to clearly know that it has to do that.


Your clients are your clients because they’re out of touch with their unconscious minds. That broken relationship is causing pain in their life. Milton Erickson

You will alleviate so many of your problems in your life, and you won’t have to worry about doing these annoying, tiresome, unproductive affirmation practices anymore. I hope you stuck with the whole article so that I could articulate my points a little better. Try this practice. I really hope that it helps you. If you have a question, write it in the comment section below.