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Working in an environment that values ​​employee safety gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on achieving high-level goals. Many organizations have safety guidelines, and some occupations that require manual labor conceptualize as more dangerous than others because of the physical risks workers are exposed to. You have many rewarding options if you deliberately seek a job that ensures security. Here, what a safe job is the benefits of working one, and some safest career paths for you to consider.

What is a safe job?

A safe job is a profession that generally protects workers from harm. Secure jobs are usually defined by comparing hazardous jobs that risk worker health or well-being with their counterparts. Generally, the overall safety level of employment is evaluated through factors such as work environment and daily responsibilities.

For example, jobs requiring employees to operate heavy machinery, perform physical exertion, or work in an uncertain environment are often considered more dangerous than those not performing such duties because heavy physical labor, constant moving, handling hazardous materials, and working with tools and machinery can sometimes lead to workplace accidents and worker injuries.

In comparison, workplaces with relatively high levels of safety require little or no physical exertion from employees. They are less prone to physical incidents from workplace accidents. Secure jobs are usually located in specific locations, such as offices that are not accessible to the public. While there is no guarantee that employees are completely safe from the risks of these jobs, such positions generally pose a low risk to employee well-being.

Why Choose the safest career paths?

Occupational safety and health (OSH) professionals enjoy fulfilling careers. Creates a safe work environment by preventing workplace death, injury, and illness. Several surveys report high levels of job satisfaction in the defense sector. But choosing this career path isn’t just about the rewards. It is also a practical decision. Safe occupations offer:

  • Job availability
  • Excellent salary
  • Professional development
  • Leadership opportunities

Benefits of working in a safe job

Having a stable job has several advantages. The same benefits you enjoy in a security role will depend on situational factors such as your specific role, the environment you work in, and the tasks you are responsible for on a day-to-day basis. Regardless of these factors, you can expect to experience these benefits from working in a safe profession:

Overall Physical Security:

An essential benefit of having the safest career path is the level of general physical security you can expect. It indicates that if you do a safe position, you will be less likely to get hurt or sick from your profession. Accidents can always happen, and generally, secure jobs will give you some protection from physical harm.

Improved mental well-being:

When you don’t have to constantly worry about security or undergo rigorous security checks at work, you’ll benefit from improved mental well-being. Feeling the stress of security in your work environment can be challenging. In a safe job, you will usually be free from such troubles.

Less physical exertion:

In general, safe jobs do not require much physical effort for workers. Workers usually perform secure jobs at desks, mostly in sitting positions. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of chronic pain or illness from your job.

Fewer demands for travel: Although common in most jobs, travel is often considered a risk due to the increased likelihood of accidents in transportation. In most cases, safer jobs require less travel overall. So, if you don’t like to travel or do it sparingly, this can be an essential advantage of the safest career paths.

High Energy Levels:

You will likely enjoy increased energy levels by working in a secure job. Because the safest career paths require less physical exertion and provide improved mental well-being; higher energy levels, it helps you be more productive with your workload while maintaining after-work activities like hobbies and exercise routines.

Careers with the best job security

Nurse Midwife

  • Average salary: $83,570
  • Number of jobs: 6,250
  • Unemployment rate: 2.9%
  • Expected Job Growth: 45%

Every year, there are roughly four million births in the United States. Some of the persons who ensure that these new beings enter the world safely and without incident are nurse-midwives.

Nurse midwives nurture and advise women during pregnancy and for several months following delivery, helping moms give birth.

A nurse-midwife builds a bond with expectant mothers to relieve the stress of pregnancy and childbirth and provide medical care. This unique role is increasingly sought after by expectant parents, making it a job with massive growth predicted for the future.

Job duties of nurse midwives include:

  • Caring for women from adolescence through the menopausal years
  • Provide care to pregnant women during antenatal visits, during birth, and after the baby is born
  • STD screening and treatment for expectant parents
  • Prescribing medicines to patients
  • Education and preparation for new parents

Substance Abuse Counselor

  • Average salary: $42,000
  • Number of jobs: 319,400
  • Unemployment rate: 1.7%
  • Expected Job Growth: 25%

Substance abuse is an epidemic in the United States that destroys families yearly. Mental health counselors with experience in the field are in great demand as the incidence of substance misuse rises, creating several career and safety opportunities.

Counselors for substance addiction assess, treat, and assist addicts in achieving recovery.

A job as a substance abuse counselor offers job security to help cope with the growing number of people who are addicted to drugs. The field is expected to grow by another 25% over the next ten years, a massive placement jump.

Substance abuse counselor’s job duties include:

  • Conduct all staff training on HIPPA and set reporting rules.
  • Manage caseloads providing one-on-one counseling support, community reentry information, and referral.
  • Conduct group screening and co-led group psychotherapy sessions to help clients identify and manage problems associated with psychiatric conditions.
  • Facilitate and co-facilitate weekly progressive groups for adults and minors on substance abuse, mental health, and relationship management.
  • Assess patients using ASAM criteria and make recommendations for the appropriate level of programs.
  • Learn about and get more familiar with the laws that govern methadone treatment and drug abuse therapy at the federal, state, and agency levels.

Director of Public Relations

  • Average salary: $88,000
  • Number of employees: 88,000
  • Unemployment rate: 2.5%
  • Expected job growth: 9%

Companies need to manage their public image to appear favorable to potential customers. They seek the assistance of a public relations director to assist them in their effort to promote themselves appropriately.

Public relations managers help companies create a public face and serve as a conduit for information between them and their clientele. Despite the size of the obligation, there are several benefits. It’s a big responsibility, but it comes with many perks.

Another advantage is that there is an endless stream of companies that need the support of a PR director, giving the position excellent job security. It is expected to grow extremely fast in the next ten years.

Job duties of the Director of Public Relations include:

  • Manage employee communications positioning, executive announcement development, and daily company internal publishing activities
  • Develop a nationally distributed online magazine/e-newsletter
  • Quantify Internet advertising efforts through Google Analytics

Criminal Inspector

  • Average salary: $53,000
  • Number of employees: 103,450
  • Unemployment rate: 0.7%
  • Expected Job Growth: 8%

There are plenty of TV shows that dramatize the exciting career of a criminal investigator. Becoming a criminal investigator is less exciting than making it in Hollywood, but it still provides a unique career opportunity.

Their work includes investigating crimes that have already been committed and bringing criminals to justice. Police officers on patrol are not primarily focused on stopping a crime from happening but because criminal investigators hope to solve unknown facts about crimes committed. Being a criminal investigator has more requirements than any other profession.

However, this pursuit is offered a high level of job security. Just as there are always people who need nurses when they are sick, there is always a stream of crimes that need solving.

Criminal investigator job duties include:

  • Assist in the preparation of emergency search warrants
  • Testify as a witness at trial as requested by counsel
  • The information is required for FinCEN reporting for sub-reviews and follow-up on doccounse
  • make arrests;  Prepare for tests and appear in court using practical communication skills
  • Collaborate with consultants, national bargaining units, labor-employee relations, management, and stakeholders
  • Work closely with the CIA, FBI, NSA, and international intelligence organizations in carrying out these operations

A registered nurse

  • Average salary: $63,000
  • Number of Jobs: 2,982,280
  • Unemployment rate: 1.3%
  • Projected Job Growth: 7%

Registered nurses are the ones who give delicate treatment while a patient is ill.

Registeredtered nurses work in hospitals and other healthcare institutes to provide patients a personalized and informed touching. They frequently offer families emotional support.

Unfortunately, the nursing field offers high job security because illness and injury are always present. It takes focused and organized people to care for us when that happens. Judging by last year’s events, registered nurses are more in demand than ever.

Registered nurse job duties include:

  • Care for senior individuals with multiple diseases, such as diabetes and CHF, should be managed
  • Provide pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic therapies, observe the patient response, and report care plans necessary to manage patient pain alleviation and sedation.
  • Medical/Surgical, Telemetry, Orthopedic, Oncology, Ambulatory Surgery, and Floating Pool Positions
  • Assist in RN circulation in the operating room for obstetric procedures and provide patient care during surgical recovery in the PACU.
  • Create and administer a medical and surgical training program to enhance patient care performance.
  • In various medical-surgical and telemetry settings, provide direct patient care to adult and geriatric patients.

Probation Officer

  • Average salary: $42,000
  • Number of employees: 91,800
  • Unemployment rate: 3.8%
  • Expected job growth: 4%

To monitor their behavior and keep them on the correct path, probation sometimes gives to criminals instead of immediate jail or later. Probation officers are those who manage their supervision in various ways.

The overall goal of every probation officer is to help the people they supervise avoid crime and establish productive lives.

 Probation officers’ responsibilities require them to stay up-to-date on all aspects of their probation. It includes visiting their homes, getting to know their families, and making professional recommendations to the court.

Job duties of probation officer include:

  • Maintain training, CPR certification, weapons certification, and containment protocol
  • Assist in the screening and selection of GPS offenders in custody as a condition of bond
  • Supervision assigns offenders to GPS and alcohol monitoring
  • Conduct pre-sentence investigative interviews and file reports/violations with the court
  • Supervise and advise the sentencing of criminal offenders to probation instead of arrest
  • Receive accommodation from relevant judges and management to work in institutions and the community

Real Estate Appraiser

  • Average salary: $44,000
  • Number of employees: 75,100
  • Unemployment rate: 0.6%
  • Expected Job Growth: 3%

Have you ever scrolled through a real estate website, looking at expensive properties, and who decides their value? No need to wait any longer;  The answer is real estate appraisers.

A real estate appraiser is an expert in commercial or real estate and uses their knowledge to determine a fair market price for land, building, or home.

Real estate appraisers’ skills are used in many parts of the home-buying process, from pre-sale appraisals to tax season appraisals.

Because the skills of real estate appraisers depend heavily on the financial life of the property, it gives the position high job security and a low unemployment rate.

Job duties of a real estate appraiser include:

  • Complete residential real estate appraisals for purchases, refinances, REOs, county appraisals, and estates
  • Measure or verify blueprints and note additional criteria set by FHA or lender following USPAP guidelines
  • Calculate the gross rental multiplier from the local rent and apply it to the gross rental income of the subject property to determine capitalization.
  • The ACI program collects data from measurements, photographs, and occupancy inspections.
  • Use county websites, MLS, FMLS, and other relevant sources to obtain and assist with property appraisals.
  • Arrange mortgage financing for single-family adjustable and fixed rates, reverse mortgages, FHA, VA, and USDA loans


  • Average salary: $52,000
  • Number of Employees: 1,280,000
  • Unemployment rate: 1.4%
  • Expected job growth: 4%

Both individuals and businesses rely on the insights of accountants to make their financial decisions. Generally, accountants choose an area of ​​expertise such as corporate finance and risk assessment.

As there are many disciplines that an accountant can focus on in their career, there are also different types of employers for their industry. For example, an accountant may work for a government agency or a non-profit organization.

Due to the multifaceted nature of the accounting field, pursuing a career in this sector offers reasonable job security. There are several opportunities for accountants to use their skill set.

Assignments for accountants include:

  • Manage accounting processes for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and organize and support needs for external audits.
  • Give the data required for financial statement preparation to the CPA.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports following GAAP and provide the executive management team with monthly analyses.
  • examining contract papers to identify billing needs, reporting needs, and ERP setup for automated invoicing
  • Create internal memos outlining how we should apply IFRS accounting rules to specific transactions.
  • Review client agreements to establish how client balances and reversal amounts should be processed and calculated.

Truck driver

  • Average salary: $51,000
  • Number of jobs: 3,500,000
  • Unemployment rate: 5%
  • Expected Job Growth: 2%

A profession as a truck driver may be the best fit for those who prefer lengthy commutes and lonesome shifts. Truck drivers usually transport goods and materials over long distances.

Driving from one city to another may seem uncomplicated, but being a professional driver is not an easy task and requires knowledge of safety.

Truck drivers can drive up to 14 hours in a shift, which is a long shift. Committing to a career as a trucking career requires a specific personality and lifestyle that offers employees substantial benefits and job security.

Truck driver job duties include:

  • Management of operational maintenance of the bus, effective operation of communication equipment, and proper response to escalation and emergencies
  • Complete training, including OTR hours and school training to obtain CDL-A certification
  • Flat loads, including steel and specialty metals, pipes, refractory bricks, commercial building materials, timber, and appliances
  • Follow all HAZMAT regulations when transporting hazardous materials
  • Obtain OSHA certification on the job requiring forklift use
  • Check the truck as per point requirements and check the load and make sure that the necessary equipment is kept in the truck

Postal mail carrier

  • Average salary: $52,000
  • Number of employees: 339,650
  • Expected job growth: -14%

Many people take the bills, letters, and packages home for granted. Postal Service Mail carriers are the people behind successfully collecting and delivering various items.

These employees work exclusively for the United States Postal Service, giving them the title, benefits, and protections of government employees. The United States Postal System is an organization that is supposed to govern the country. Getting a job with the Postal Service also requires your role.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Postal Service has seen a recent decrease in projected job growth as a mail carrier over the next ten years. However, it is still considered a safe job because its employees are federal.

Postal mail carrier job duties include:

  • Develop potential leads using cold calling, email, computer databases, and online recruiting resources
  • Operate an approved USPS vehicle to deliver daily mail
  • Develop and maintain quality working relationships with transportation service providers, customers, and warehouses using a variety of communication methods
  • A separate confidential file, including taxes and vouchers, to facilitate IRS processing

Careers with the worst job security


  • Average salary: $27,000
  • Number of jobs: 2,571,700
  • Unemployment rate: 9%
  • Expected Job Growth: 10%

A chef’s role is to create and prepare exceptional meals to provide customers with a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Following food safety regulations, a cook maintains the functionality of his kitchen and serves delicious food. It’s a position that offers creative freedom, but it has the worst job security.

Even before the disastrous year 2020 brought business, Cooks still had a relatively high unemployment rate.

While the sector project to create a few new jobs over the next ten years, it may not be enough to offset the high unemployment rate among cooks.

Cook job duties include:

  • Meticulously cook, prepare and serve dishes for many customers with expert skills.
  • Operate large cooking appliances such as grills, deep-fat fryers, and pizza ovens
  • Good teamwork with other kitchen staff
  • Read labels and input data for further use of the most recent foods, also known as FIFO.
  • Prepare service lines, decorate food items, and apply food safety and hygiene measures in the dining room.
  • Follow knife handling techniques, including keeping knives sharp and using the correct knives for specific foods or tasks.


  • Average salary: $24,000
  • Number of jobs: 3,600,900
  • Unemployment rate: 7.3%
  • Expected job growth: -7%

The role of a cashier in a store is to assist customers in their purchasing process. Traditionally, cashiers ring up all the items, give the shopper a total, and process the transaction. The position mainly involves cash handling and requires an eye for detail to ensure no losses incur to the store.

The position of the cashier is becoming a less secure job for several reasons. The biggest one is that the checkout process in most stores is overwhelmingly automated and machine-based.

It reduces the need for cashiers and has contributed to a projected dramatic decline in the industry over the next ten years.

Cashier job duties include:

  • Manage employees by scheduling, paying wages, and maintaining a comfortable work environment
  • Exemplify proficiency in mathematics to operate POS terminal to ensure quality customer service while serving customers
  • Handle all rotation and stocking, restocking and promotion, registration and inventory for busy drive-thru location
  • Perform general maintenance duties, including sweeping floors, washing dishes, wiping counter tops and emptying grease traps
  • Provide customer service by being friendly, accurate, and updating customers on in-store and online savings
  • Respond professionally to customer complaints and inquiries and meet challenges in compliance with store policies

The photographer

  • Average salary: $49,000
  • Number of jobs: 133,500
  • Unemployment rate: 6.7%
  • Expected job growth: -4%

Photographers use their skills with a camera to capture images of people, events, places, and products. Usually, they gravitate to a niche like wedding or portrait photography that suits their needs. Their work starts with shooting a specific event, people, or objects, and it doesn’t end there.

A photographer’s job involves building strong communication with clients to determine their needs and editing photos to make them perfect.

Many photographers work independently, making their businesses more vulnerable to outside forces. There is no guarantee that work will continue to come and will reduce job security. Another troubling aspect of a photography career expects to decline over the next ten years.

Job duties of a photographer include:

  • Managing and setting up the photo studio for customers
  • Retrieve still images from product and model shoots, edit online and print to meet daily quotas and deadline
  • Specializing in lifestyle and nature photography
  • Web inventory product photography and post-processing in Lightroom
  • Photograph subjects at local events using Nikon digital cameras
  • Specializing in formal portraiture, engagement, maternity, and family photography

Why are the safest career paths important?

safest career paths. Why its important?

Job security is equally important for employers and their staff to feel the effects of a safe work environment. For employees, it assures that their job is not in jeopardy and allows them to focus all their efforts on doing their best work.

On the other hand, employees need a team that makes them feel secure in their position, ensuring their energies concentrate on fulfilling their responsibilities. Relying on staff who get their foot in the door because they don’t feel their role is protected is terrible for business.

Job security establishes a comfortable, professional environment because everyone involved is free to work without worrying about layoffs. While contingencies can always arise, some jobs and industries are known to have stellar or poor job security.

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