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Management vs Administration

Differences between them in a ordered way

Management vs Administration
management vs.administration

What are the differences between Management vs. Administration

Management vs Administration, It’s not the same. The administration is known as a thinking function. Similarities between management vs.administration

First, it is not the same. Several authors consider that these two terms and have different from each other.


  • The administration is concerned primarily with data mining, the object plans, and the policies of an organization.
  • Certainly, the administration is also a part of management.
  • Known as a thinking function and top-level because their determination of objectives and strategies and policies is a high-level function.
  • However, the world of administration is to think of new plans and policies.
  • In addition, generally consists of its owners who invest money and receive profits and decides what has to complete.
  • Likewise, provides a deadline by which the management has to finish the work has given by the administration.
  • It generally used in non-business institutions like the government or the military

Management vs Administration
management vs.administration


  • Implementing the plans and policies that are laid down by the administration.
  • Lays down specific procedures and guidelines by which the employees can finish the work.
  • lower-level executives Plans and policies.
  • So, the world of administration is to think of new plans and policies.
  • Implement plans and policies.
  • Consists of employees who are paid salaries and commissions and decides who will do it.
  • Chooses the employees to do a particular task and use in business concerns that operate to one profit.

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