Peloton Workout Plan to Lose Weight

Happy sportswoman making her exercise plan on digital tablet while having sports training in fitness center.

First, what does the Peloton workout plan mean?  The word peloton comes from the French and originally meant platoon.  But today a peloton is a track of cyclists.  So it can be described as a herd, a platoon, or a group of cyclists riding together.  Or in the case of the Peloton app, it can also take a group of like-minded people walking from home toward a common goal.

Here you invest in a Peloton bike or a treadmill.  (Or maybe you buy a cheaper Amazon alternative and get a subscription to the app.) But if you don’t already consider yourself an avid exerciser, you might not know what’s next.  If you’re like most beginners, you can attend any class you feel like based on your mood.

And experts say it pays to be a little more strategic about how you structure your workouts each week.  That means you need to vary the types of exercise you do, both in terms of methods (cycling, strength training, yoga) and classes (Tabata, climbing, power band).

But something new nutrition coaching clients often hear is that they’re already working too hard.  However, they don’t get the weight loss results they hoped for or feel they deserve.

This usually results in them missing out on the nutritional part of the weight loss equation.  They either don’t know how much they eat or severely underestimate it.

Today’s article is about how to lose weight with Peloton and some reasons why you might not if you think you should.

Peloton Starter Training Plan

If you’re new to Peloton, this Peloton Beginner Training Guide is just what you need to get started.  Peloton is a digital multi-exercise hub.  It offers on-demand and live virtual classes in spin, strength, yoga, and more.  Peloton also sells indoor bikes and treadmills.  The One Peloton app allows you to access all classes and content from your device.  The app allows members to pay a monthly fee to access content (as do those with a bike or treadmill) and enjoy all available classes.

Time to lose weight with Peloton

This is a question that many people have and it is not an easy one to answer.  How quickly you can lose weight and lose body fat depends on how well you can, or want to, follow the method you use.

Weight and fat loss are often faster when first starting and when you have more body fat to lose.  The leaner one becomes, the more frequent the plateaus, and the slower the rate of loss.

But generally speaking what we can expect per week (credit PN):

  • Extreme

  1-1.5% of body weight

  Male: 2-3 lbs

  Women: 1.65-2.5 lbs

  • Reasonable

  0.5-1% of body weight

  Male: 1-2 lbs

  Women: .8-1.65 lbs

  • Comfortable

  0.5% of body weight

  Male: <1 lb

  Women: <.8 lbs

These are not absolutes.  These are just projections of what we can expect when we show up and continue to work.

Peloton Workout Plan for Beginners and Bodyweight

Peloton Workout Plan for Beginners (no bike)

  • Sunday: 20-minute beginner yoga
  • Monday: 20-minute dance cardio for beginners
  • Tuesday: 20-minute beginner bodyweight strength
  • Wednesday: OFF (you can also do a 20-minute full body stretch)
  • Thursday: 30-minute full body strength for beginners
  • Friday: 20-minute power walk
  • Saturday: OFF (option: 20-minute restorative yoga)

Peloton Workout Plan for Beginners (with the bike)

  • Sunday: 20-minute beginner bodyweight strength
  • Monday: 20-minute beginner ride
  • Tuesday: 20-minute arm and shoulder strength for beginners
  • Wednesday: OFF
  • Thursday: 20-minute beginner ride
  • Friday: 20-minute glutes and legs strength for beginners
  • Saturday: OFF (optional: full body stretch)

Peloton Workout Plan – bodyweight only (no weights, or bike)

  • Sunday: 30-minute bodyweight strength
  • Monday: 30-minute run or walk (outdoor)
  • Tuesday: 30-minute yoga flow
  • Wednesday: OFF (10-minute meditation)
  • Thursday: 30-minute barre
  • Friday: 30-minute outdoor power walk
  • Saturday: OFF (optional: 20-minute restorative yoga)

What to wear for Peloton workouts?

Now that you know a lot about Peloton classes, you may be wondering what to wear for your workouts.  If you plan to take a spin class and you like to clip, I might recommend spin shoes.  If you like wearing casual shoes, you can recommend Adidas Ultra boost.  Many people like to wear these shoes for running and weight lifting as they are very light.  Compression tights or tights from Allala can be recommended for gym pants and leggings.

What fitness equipment should I buy when going with Peloton?

There are many accessories you may need to take your Peloton workouts to the next level or make them more enjoyable.  As a beginner I recommend you start with these home fitness essentials from Amazon:

  • Exercise Body Fan – Stay cool during even the most intense workouts with this exercise fan.
  • Spin Cycling Shoes – There’s something about clipping into a bike that makes you feel ready to work.
  • Seat Cushion – This will save your ass
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Monitor your heart rate so you know when you’ve reached your power zone
  • Smart Watch – Another way to track your heart rate and count down the minutes until your workout is over
  • Bike Phone Mount – Take a quick selfie for the gram while you take it to 3rd place
  • 2 and 5-pound hand weights – Be ready for arms day on the bike with this handy weight microfiber towel – Just in case you don’t sweat glitter

How to lose weight with or without Peloton?

 Losing weight is quite simple in theory but in practice, it is a difficult process.

To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories than your body needs over a long period.  That is, this is a calorie deficit.  Losing weight without this is a dream.

There are several ways to create a calorie deficit.  But the three most important are diet, exercise, and non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT).  NEAT includes things like walking, being active, and other non-exercise activities.

If you’re already concerned with the NEAT parts of the exercise and conditioning equation, that’s a great point.  If not, here are some guidelines to help you get started.

  • Getting Started with Strength Training Guide.
  • Starting with the most meaningful motion guide.

But let’s first consider creating a caloric deficit through diet. You can create a calorie deficit by eating in several ways.

  • Restricting a macronutrient or food group, such as cutting carbohydrates and not replacing calories.
  • Full meal or intermittent fasting and no calorie replacement.
  • Keeping the same diet, but eating less.  Reduce portions and calories.
  • Improve food quality and choose items that are low in calories but high in nutrient density.

Is Peloton good enough for weight loss and fat burning?

Peloton gets you moving more.  That means burning more calories.  This especially helps you create the calorie deficit needed over time to lose weight.

According to Peloton, depending on your cycling speed and exertion, you can expect to burn anywhere from 400 to 700 calories in a 45-minute class.

This sounds like a ton of calories until you realize what a 400-calorie meal looks like.

  • Cheese, 1 to 2 slices of pizza
  • Potato chips 3 to 4 oz
  • 2.5 ounces of almonds

But you should forget how many calories you burn per second of exercise.

Exercising and moving more have psychological benefits.  The more you exercise, the more you will find yourself wanting to make healthier choices.  You may start eating better or going to bed earlier.  Then you can get a ride.  Hell, you’ll find it helps you de-stress.  All of these will help you create a calorie deficit.

Going to bed earlier makes you less likely to overeat at night.  It also means less fatigue, which can lead to less cravings for energy- and calorie-dense sugar and fatty foods.

Less stress can mean less emotional eating.

Less fatigue can mean more energy for cooking and food preparation

Your peloton ride, or exercise in general, becomes a key habit by making it easier to develop other habits.

How much weight can you lose with Peloton?

You can lose weight with Peloton.  But you can also lose weight with other activities.

  • walking
  • Strength training
  • Playing tennis
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Calisthenics

You can’t lose weight with Peloton.  Doing Peloton alone will likely not get you the results you’re after.

Instead of focusing on how much weight you can lose with Peloton.  It’s important to focus on showing up regularly, attending your rides, and adjusting your diet to help you lose the weight you need.

Is PELOTON a good way to lose weight or not?

Aerobic exercise is a great way to burn calories because creating a consistent calorie deficit over a long period is the most critical part of weight loss (after exercise).  Here your peloton ride can be part of it. But there is no mistake in thinking that burning more calories is the most efficient way to lose weight.

The most important part of losing weight is your diet.  You can be consistent by eating the foods you like and sticking to the plan.  You can lose weight by creating a calorie deficit with those foods.  Wherever you choose to make protein the most important part of your diet, it’s best if it can be plant or animal based.  Depending on your personal preferences, filling the rest with carbs can be very successful for you.

Please let us know your opinion in the comment section below.