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This article is about the full movie Renfield 2023. You won’t have to go very far down the results when you search for “quirky method actor” on Google before seeing Nicolas Cage’s name. Few performers have changed their performing or professional paths so drastically. He alternates between playing the alcoholic, suicidal television writer in John Woo’s Face/Off, for which he received an Oscar, and chewing up and spitting out the entire scenery as both the hero and the villain. In the popular, PG-rated National Treasure series, Cage plays it straight as a treasure hunter for a moment before going berserk in the gory revenge film Mandy. Cage is a rarity in Hollywood because, despite his evident skill, his performances may range from excellent to appalling, often in the same movie. He’s almost always fascinating to watch, but that’s not what makes him a celebrity.

Therefore, everyone seems interested in how Cage will play the legendary Count Dracula in his next film, Renfield, in 2023. Will his immortal Count be crazy and bombastic or sorrowful and subdued? Here is all we currently know about the movie.

When Will Renfield Be Released?

On April 14, 2023, Renfield will officially hit theaters.

Is There a Movie Trailer Yet?

Renfield’s initial trailer was posted online on January 5, 2023. We get a good sense of the film’s general humorous tone from the trailer, which also has lots of bloodshed, Cages, and bug-eating.

How closely will Renfield stick to the Dracula storyline?

Jonathan Harker travels to Transylvania in Bram Stoker’s 1897 book Dracula to negotiate a real estate deal for the venerable Count; he just escapes the grasp of the sinister immortal. The primary characters are Jonathan, his fiancée Mina, and vampire hunter Van Helsing. R.N. Renfield, a prisoner in a mental hospital who consumes insects and rats to obtain their life power, a minor character in the original novel, despite being portrayed more than 20 times in films. Renfield is actually the prototypical vampire figure; despite being given the promise of endless life by Count Dracula, he struggles to carry out his orders.

Renfield takes the source material as a starting point for a unique interpretation of the original plot rather than creating a faithful book reproduction. The main character in this story Renfield, who tired of his unhealthy and dependent connection with Dracula which has lasted for generations. Renfield is trying to start over in contemporary New Orleans. Still, things get tricky when he falls for a tough traffic officer and stumbles into gangster trouble. He still has to deal with the obstinately demanding and possessive Dracula in the interim—a real-life devil’s employer who doesn’t appear to be reversing his previous habits.

The film, which has variously described as “violent comedy” or “oddball horror,” said to have drawn inspiration from several horror-comedy classics, including An American Werewolf in London, Evil Dead II, and Shaun of the Dead, as well as Taika Waititi’s vampire mockumentary series What We Do in the Shadows.

What Is the Dark Universe, and Who Is Making Renfield?

By creating movies set in a linked world known as The Dark Universe, Universal Studios has recently tried to update and resuscitate some of its most well-known Golden Age cinema monsters (Dracula, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, the Wolfman, etc.). Unfortunately, things quickly became worse. The Wolfman (2010), starring Benicio Del Toro, bombed exactly as miserably as the 2017 Tom Cruise-led remake of The Mummy. Only Blumhouse Productions’ popular horror production, The Invisible Man from 2020, earned any critical acclaim.

Renfield now has an uphill battle with a script by Rick and Morty’s Ryan Ridley based on a Robert Kirkman proposal. It will be challenging to restore the Dark Universe, but can it offer anything new to Dracula’s extensive legacy? The Tomorrow War and The Lego Batman Movie director Christopher McKay has agreed to direct and produce the movie with Skybound Entertainment’s David Alpert, Samantha Nisenboim, Bryan Furst, and Sean Furst.

Who’s Starring In the Cast of Renfield?

Renfield’s lead role secured for Nicholas Hoult in August 2021. Hoult made his acting debut at 12 in the Hugh Grant film About a Boy. He has continued to work steadily ever since. Hoult has been a fascinating presence in popular movies, including Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), Tolkein (2018), and The Favorite, in addition to playing The Beast in the X-Men films and his recurrent role as Peter III in the Hulu series The Great (2018). He has featured in the black group comedy The Menu more recently.

In November of the same year, Nicolas Cage chosen to play Dracula, Renfield’s boss and employer. Since making his debut in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), Cage has starred in more than 100 films. Ranging from romantic comedies to action films to somber adult dramas. His meta-autobiographical performance as Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022). May be his most interesting recent picture. Still, Cage has been upfront about taking more film parts than usual. And has at least five movies now in post-production. Butcher’s Crossing, the actor’s most recent film, is a Western that made its world debut in September at the 2022 Toronto Film Festival.

Awkwafina, a comedian and actor, plays Rebecca Quincy in Renfield. Rebecca is a tough-talking traffic officer who catches Renfield’s attention and gives him the strength to change his life. Before making appearances in films like Ocean’s 8 (2018), Crazy Rich Asians (2018), and The Farewell, the comic began her career as a rapper (2019). The actual adversaries of the movie are probably the crime lords played by Ben Schwartz from The Afterparty and Shohreh Aghdashloo from The Expanse. In the film, James Moses Black plays Captain J. Browning, and Adrian Martinez plays Rebecca’s friend, a traffic officer. Bess Rous as Caitlyn, Caroline Williams as Vanessa, and Brandon Scott Jones in an unspecified role are other celebrities in the film.

Will Anyone Eat a Bug in Renfield?

Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee played Dracula in the 1930s and 1940s and the 1960s and 1970s in over 200 films, respectively. On the children’s television program The Electric Company. More than 20 additional actors—John Carradine, Frank Langella, Louis Jordan, Gary Oldman, Gerard Butler, Luke Evans, Leslie Nielsen, and even Morgan Freeman—played the zombie count. Dracula’s persona has changed over the past 100 years, going from the repulsive feral monster in Nosferatu (1922) to an elegant, seductive, and oddly remorseful nobleman in the latest BBC Series. So, what could an actor—even Nicolas Cage—add to a part that is already so well-known?

In reality, Cage has recently experienced a rise in popularity and favorable reviews. This isn’t because Cage has changed; he still portrays a different aspect of his other character in every film he appears in. Instead, it’s because there is a greater appreciation for his over-the-top, even comical acting approach. Cage’s willingness and openness to talk about (and frequently parody) his “nouveau shamanic” approach to role preparation has led to fresh admiration and regard for his abilities.

Additionally, Cage has already portrayed a vampire. He starred in Vampire’s Kiss in 1989. A box-office failure that earned Cage fame for eating a live cockroach on-screen. (he actually ate another bug for a second take. The director wanted to be sure he got the shot right). This, along with the fact that Cage forced to accept a cockroach. Rather than the live bat he had initially requested. Only further cemented the mythology of his weird Method-influenced acting and off-screen eccentricity.

Will Cage be able to top his last vampire performance, though? According to rumors, the actor drew influence from silent movie legends. David Bowie and Anne Bancroft in The Graduate for his portrayal of the Count. Fans of Cage’s quirky and bizarre performances will certainly not be let down. Even though it is unknown if anybody will consume a live insect on screen.

Nicholas Hoult (Mad Max: Fury Road, X-Men series) plays Renfield. The tortured assistant to Dracula (Oscar® winner Nicolas Cage), in this contemporary horror story of Dracula’s devoted servant. Renfield compelled to secure his master’s victim and carry out his depraved instructions. Renfield finally prepared to explore whether there is life apart from The Prince of Darkness after generations of service. If only he could figure out how to stop being dependent on others.

More Information

Rating: R (Some Gore|Bloody Violence|Some Drug Use|Language Throughout)

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Fantasy

Original Language: English

Director: Chris McKay

Producer: Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, Bryan Furst, Sean Furst, Chris McKay

Writer: Ryan Ridley

Release Date (Theaters): April 14, 2023, Wide

Distributor: Universal Pictures

Aspect Ratio: Scope (2.35:1)

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