Should I become a teacher

Should I become a teacher
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The question is should I become a teacher. These are the reasons think that you would be a perfect teacher.

What makes a good teacher

Maybe on your pro side, you’re good with kids. You really loved your content area, and you’re really organized. Passionate about children. You want to give back, you feel led to do this, and so that is making you want to become a teacher.

Should I become a teacher

I think you should follow all of them.

The funny thing, your pro list is probably much longer than you even think that it is. If you asked other people, they would probably say, “Oh yeah, and you’re good at this, and you’re good at this.

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What I’d like to really write about is your con list

That’s just really a list of all your limitations; your things that you think are holding you back from becoming a good teacher. In addition, those might look like you struggle with anxiety and depression. You are socially awkward.


Maybe you don’t feel like you’re assertive enough and like your classroom management is going to be, you’re shy and you’re not sure how you’re going to connect with the students. I think all of these are valid. I’m not to tell you whether they are right or whether they’re wrong and really in short,

Should I become a teacher

Should I become a teacher?

I want to write a little bit more about why. Pro and con lists shouldn’t define whether you become a teacher. I think it’s not your limitations, but what you do with those limitations that are going to help you to become a better teacher.

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Let me break this down

Limitations are kind of one of those tricky things because we let them tell us what we’re going to do in life and what we’re not going to do in life. I think that with a little bit of perspective change, what you can do is learn how to embrace your limitations, to love your limitations and to let them work for you.

As a teacher, when it’s only all about the students anyway, you can learn how to make your limitations work for your students.

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Check those examples to become a teacher

This isn’t just all like theoretical. If you’re introverted, maybe you become the teacher that all the introverted kids gravitate towards that they need.

I would invite all of the introverted kids, all of the quiet kids, the shy kids, the ones that choose just to read a book alone while they’re at lunch or just to play a game on their phone and they don’t really interact with the rest of the students.


Why not give them a quiet image to come and sit in your room during lunchtime or at the beginning of the day or, or afterschool, create a space that’s just quiet that they don’t have to talk to one another.

What that does is it makes you, the person who created this space that kids could feel at peace and they could feel calm. They can feel safe while they’re in school without having to be a part of like the craziness that can sometimes happen in lunch.

You even being an introvert and being nervous that you couldn’t make connections with kids just became the person that did that.

[divider style=”solid” top=”20″ bottom=”20″]Another limitation that I see on people’s con list

They’re not assertive enough. They think that classroom management is going to be a struggle that the kids are going to walk right over them. If you struggle with classroom management, then find the person in the school who’s the best at classroom management and ask them to sit in on your class.

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Ask them to give you notes or pointers on the things that you’re doing

Cause sometimes we’re too close to our problems to know what to do. Do about them, right. Sometimes, we’re too close to our problems to know what to do about them, and sometimes it takes outside eyes looking in to let us know how maybe we could change to be better at what we’re doing.

You could also flip that script, go into somebody else’s classroom, and watch them,

Should I become a teacher

Find out who the best teachers are, who the kids behave for the best

This means you can sit in on their classes and learn how they’re doing things and just take their ideas. In the end, you really have to remember that teaching is a calling. Craft.

It takes time to develop a craft. Teachers will beat themselves up because the first day, the first week, the first month, the first year didn’t go right.

If those didn’t go well, don’t give up. You have to realize that teaching is a craft, and it’s going to take years to develop your craft. So just takes time to develop, that craft.

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Professional development

Therefore, once you do become a teacher, you’ll hear teachers and schools talking a lot about professional development. We spent tons of hours talking about professional development, but very rarely do we talk about personal development to make that clear.

I wrote a lot about how you can tighten up your plans

I wrote many pieces of advice about your,

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  • lesson plans
  • classroom management and look like to be better,
  • How you can make better PowerPoint,
  • How you can teach vocabulary better, but personal development, like the things that limit.


As individuals, which are most of the things that are on people’s con lists, are not ever talked about.

Therefore, I want to be transparent with you because I think that’s going to bring you the most value on this topic. When I started teaching my con list looked something like, I have terrible organizational skills.

I am quick to anger. When I was younger, I was very, very quick to anger. Something would happen, and I would go from bliss to piss and like two seconds. My wife will tell you I’m awful at time management skills. I think I have more time than I actually do most of the time. And then I run out of time.

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Important skills for teachers

I just all it goes south from there. I would really hold onto grudges, so if someone pissed me off, I’d hold onto that for a long time. Whether it was another teacher, whether it was a parent, whether it was a student, and I would hold onto that and have a hard time like letting go so that I can move on from it.

I had no sense of or ability to be vulnerable, being able to share like my thoughts and feelings on stuff unless it was in like an angry way where I grew up. Anger was an utterly reasonable emotion for men to feel, but the vulnerability was not a reasonable emotion for men to feel. In addition, I went into teaching with this inflated.


Sense of self. I went in feeling far more confident than I ever should have, and what that did was that really ended up limiting me because I held so firmly onto my beliefs. I was so competent, and I didn’t want to hear anything that anyone else had to say or what the kids had to say or what a parent had to say because I thought that I knew everything already.

Therefore, I had to figure out for myself how to grow from these limitations and to become a better human and a better teacher. Just spite all of the limitations that were holding me back. Therefore, that’s going to look different for every single person.

Maybe for you, it’s meditation or therapy or spiritual direction or Bible study or exercise, or just spending why at the time, maybe it’s a weekly dinner with friends where you were.” Select on your week and talk about how things went.

be creative

Did you get the point?

 It’s about looking inward and not just outward at your life, and then learning how to grow from there. For me, the surprising. Sort of other effects of doing all of that personal inward work was how much it benefited students is that I was able to see students that were having the same sorts of issues.

Reach out or just let them know that like, I’ve been there. I’ve dealt with something like that.” Having students just know that someone else’s. Gone through something just as they did, really helps them see that they can succeed.

Also, whether you’re introverted or you’re angry, or you’re depressed, or you’re anxious, reach out to the kids that you find that are like you. Let them know that you were just like that also, and you’re working on it as well, or you’ve already worked on it and then remind them of what they can become.

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In the end, you’re always going to have a list of the things

That would make you good at something and the things that would hold you back from being good at something.

However, if you think you should be a teacher, if something inside you is telling you that you should be a teacher, that this should be your life’s work, then I say, go for it. Just remember to be kind to yourself and patient with yourself and to take time because teaching is a craft.

It takes time to develop any craft. If you have any questions about this topic, please leave it in the comment section below. If you know any new teachers, please let them know about this

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