True Haunting | Erin Moriarty, Jamie Campbell Bower film gets January release

After their most recent effort, 2022’s “The Invitation” (via Bloody Disgusting), Sony’s Screen Gems is presently developing a new horror movie based on real-life incidents called “True Haunting”. The movie is based on Edwin Becker’s book of the same name.

According to Deadline, Blair Butler will revise the script by Richard D’Ovidio, while Gary Fleder will be directing. Since the early 1990s, Fleder has directed episodes of “Tiny Pretty Things,” “Kingdom,” and “Life Unexpected,” among other shows (via IMDb). Butler’s most recent writing credit is, as mentioned earlier, “The Invitation,” however, she has written for G4TV since 2005. D’Ovidio’s most recent writing credits are “Hypnotic” from 2021 and “The Forger” from 2014. The producer is Cindy Cowan.

Here is all the information we are aware of on “Actual Haunting”. Including its release date, actors, and narrative, for those interested in watching another movie based on actual terrible events.

True Haunting will released when?

Bloody Disgusting reports that “True Haunting” will hit cinemas on January 6, 2023.

It’s unclear whether filming has started at this time because production information still needs to be more sparse. But given that the scheduled release date is now just a few months away. It is reasonable to conclude that filming has either already started or may have already ended. We may use the most recent Screen Gems movie, “The Invitation,” which began production in September 2021. And released in August 2022, to determine where “True Haunting” may be at in its development (via KFTV). According to Deadline, the cast of “True Haunting” was announced in February 2022. Therefore, it reasonable to assume that production began soon after the “True Haunting” casting announcement based on the timeframe of “The Invitation”. No matter how quickly the movie being made, fans won’t have to wait long.

Who is in the True Haunting cast?

Speaking about the cast, Erin Moriarty and Jamie Campbell Bower announced as the leads in “True Haunting” by Deadline in February 2022. The part of Annie January, alias Starlight, which Moriarty has been playing in the hit Amazon Prime series “The Boys” since 2019. It is probably what makes her most well-known (via IMDb). Other prominent roles that Moriarity has performed include those of Hope Shlottman in “Jessica Jones”. And Audrey Hart in Season 1 of “True Detective.”

Meanwhile, Bower will return to his role as Henry Creel/One/Vecna in the fifth season of “Stranger Things”. Which he most recently played in the fourth season (via MovieWeb). However, Bower’s work on “Stranger Things” wasn’t his first fan-favorite effort; he previously played Young Grindelwald in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” and “Fantastic Beasts. The Crimes of Grindelwald” and Caius in three “Twilight Saga” films (via IMDb).

IMDb lists Harriet Slater, Emma Gojkovic, Ian Shaw, Ann Mitchell, and Leonardo Taiwo as the remaining cast members of “True Haunting.”

What is True Haunting’s storyline?

In “True Haunting,” which based on an actual event. Ed (Jamie Campbell Bower) and Marsha Becker (Erin Moriarty) learn that their recently purchased home haunted by the ghosts of the family who lived there before them and perished in the house. When the Bickers turn to an exorcist for assistance. The exorcism becomes the first ever broadcast on television, and millions of people watch it. The exorcism, however, actually makes the Haunting much worse. The movie “True Haunting” is based on Edwin F. Becker’s book of the same name, which details his personal tale of how he and his wife haunted.

The Goodreads page for the book offers readers more information about what we might expect from the movie. Such as the fact that it took place in 1971. Follow a young couple with a newborn as they deal with unexplainable incidents, go through denial, ask their church for assistance, and enter the paranormal, according to the description’s other words.

True Haunting

More details

The terrifying story of the first televised incantation on NBC in 1971. The exorcism failed, but the NBC news program did well. Instead, it made life worse for the local Becker family. Even terrible.

Genre(s): Horror

Production: Screen Gems

Country: US

Director: Gary Fleder

Writer:  Blair Butler, Edwin Becker, Richard D’OMurra

Starring: Adam Davenport, Anastasia Everall, Ann Mitchell, Emma Gojkovic, Erin Moriarty, Harriet Slater, Ian Shaw, Jamie Campbell Bower, John Tench, Leonardo Taiwo, Miljana Kravic, Paul Leonard Murray

Release Date (Theaters): January 6, 2023, Wide

Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Screen Gems

Original Language: English

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