Value of Games in Education

Value of Games in Education….Every education system has games in its curriculum. Just like books help develop our minds, games help build our bodies. Joining sports is the best resource to stay fit and healthy. Education means a child’s complete mental and physical development, and sports are an essential part of today’s education system.

Importance of Games in Education:

The purpose of education is the full development of human personality. Human personality has several facets, and education aims to develop all these facets so that the individual can reach his full potential. Man has a body, mind, and soul. Accordingly, education’s purpose is the physical, intellectual, and spiritual development of man. It is a very narrow view of education to think that man gets only knowledge from education and thus suits himself to earn his livelihood, but education does much more than this.

The value of sports in education cannot ignore the physical side of man. Man is blessed with a beautiful body. Poets, painters, and sculptors have been fascinated by the human body and have tried to depict it in many ways in their art. Sports are a means of keeping the body healthy and fit. Physical fitness and freedom from diseases are man’s desires and ambitions. The first requirement for happiness in life is good health. People who play sports maintain good health. Sports are an excellent means of physical exercise.

Apart from bodybuilding, sports are great entertainment or fun. Education teaches man the need and value of recreational activities. The scholar who always pours over books disapproves of schooling. Entertainment is needed. And sports is one of the most exciting hobbies in the world. The essence of recreation is that it should refresh the body and provide an escape from one’s professional or academic pursuits. When playing golf, billiards, badminton, or table tennis, one forgets everything else and gets absorbed in the games. Thus games are beneficial as a diversion for the mind. Because of the positive interest they generate, they are a turn-on for both the participants and the viewers.

The value of games in education is merely a distraction. They even provide a kind of training to the mind. Most sports today are a matter of high skill and accurate judgment. Hockey, football, cricket, and other sports are not physical exertion and exercise. The player must master the art of playing. Therefore, each game contributes to developing the player’s mind and judgment. The value of sports in education is demonstrated by the fact that talented players are more alert and skillful in their sports.

Fair play in political dealings is a noble moral virtue. Quality is best taught in man through sports. The habit of fair play inculcates in man the excellent moral qualities of honesty, integrity, and justice. The game also introduces the lesson of accepting defeat with a smile on the playing field. A losing player shakes the hand of his winning opponent and congratulates him. Failure does not discourage or depress a true sportsperson.

On the contrary, it provides an incentive for more effort. This lesson also bound to prove useful to a man in a wide field of life. Life has its misfortunes, sorrows, and failures. But a man of strong character does not dare to do these things. Sports strengthen a man to withstand the arrows and arrows of fortune. Sports teach more lessons. They teach team spirit or the spirit of cooperation, teach the value of harmony or joint effort. They teach the necessity of always obeying the captain’s or leader’s orders. All these are valuable lessons that prepare man to live righteously and nobly. Education aims to build character and character to include all the above qualities. Thus the value of character-building and shaping games is immense. The purpose of education is to develop leadership qualities in people. Leadership qualities have developed more effective and efficient thinking games.

Value of Games in Education


Sports and sports concepts today have changed from what they were back then. They take seriously and professionally; hence, being a good player involves good practice and excellent practice. Even clothes have evolved to be professional and comfortable so that every person or kid involved in a sport enjoys what they do and gets the most out of it.

Sports have become an essential part of our daily life, and it is the responsibility of educational institutions to consider the importance of guiding children. So these days, the school syllabus includes suitable co-curricular activities conducted by well-trained trainers to benefit the young child.

Our moral responsibility as a society is to train and guide today’s active children and tomorrow’s nation to grow into promising, excellent, and responsible individuals.

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