What can you do with a geology degree

What can you do with a geology degree
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What does a geologist do

Many people believe that geology is the study of rocks. When you start a geology degree, you’re really taught that it’s more of an Earth science degree.

what can you do with a geology degree

You can focus a lot in other areas such as geophysics and geochemistry.

If you do Geophysics

You can get a job in the oil industry. For instance, you will study more physical side of geology.

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If you do Chemistry with a geology

Then you might be studying the composition of minerals and rocks and how the earth was formed.


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Who should pursue a geology degree, and why?

Geology is a great degree for pretty much anyone that’s interested in earth science. There are so many facets to it that you can really study, as I mentioned before.

But also people that are interested in environmental science. for instance, can also pursue a geology degree and end up with a good base for Environmental science.

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What can you do with a geology degree

You can go into any kind of environmental consulting. Therefore, if you want to work for the state, the government, you can help them find pipes and survey the land and many things like that.

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  • A job in a natural history museum.
  • Create geologic charts and maps
  • You can become a park ranger.
  • Conduct lab tests


More often than not, people that get a degree in geology tend to end up going into higher education.

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Is geology a good major

what can you do with a geology degree

If you go for a Ph.D., it really helps to show/gives you more options, and you can take your degree wherever you want to go.


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Typical course Load

It can vary quite a bit, and you can make it what you want out of the degree. Therefore, you can take a lot of physics courses or chemistry courses to really supplement the focus that you want to be achieving in your geology degree.

However, typically, you have to take a specific subset of required courses such as

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  • Field methods
  • Structural geology


There is a lot of math involved. Not too much. but anybody that’s not math-intensive, you can get around it.

Many of these classes are, are built-in fieldwork. Class field methods were once a week, and every week you would either go out on a Wednesday or a Saturday.

You can go out into the field, dig ditches, pick up rocks, and just investigate what the local geology was like. It always a lot of fun to get your hands dirty, go on, and experience what was actually going on in the earth around.

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How High School Courses Share common qualities with a geology degree

Geology is a very interdisciplinary degree. It takes aspects of all sorts of subjects. Therefore, because of that, geology does really share many qualities with current course loads that you’d be taking in high school, but there aren’t any specific classes that really rang true to us.

what can you do with a geology degree

Our best advice to you

If you are really enjoying your chemistry classes or your physics classes, but you kind of liked the idea of doing something a little bit more hands-on or are involved in fieldwork, then you should really focus on these classes and maybe consider a geology degree.


No matter how hard you think you’re working, you should always try to work harder. We didn’t struggle through college so much, but you must think that I’m in a graduate school.

So try to build up that work ethic while you can, and things will come more easily to you in the future.

It’s important if you can fluent in several languages for this kind of degree