What is celebrate recovery

what is celebrate recovery
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We often talk about celebrate recovery being for anybody who struggles with a hurt, hang-up, or has it.

Whether you’re somebody who was hurt as a student and you’re still dealing with those issues. You may get people-pleasing hang-ups and things that keep you stuck in relationships. maybe addicted to something, food, sex, alcohol, whatever it is.

It’s really for anybody

It’s for all of us because we’ve all been hurt. We’ve all heard other people, and we’ve all got things in our lives that keep us stuck and keep us frozen.

Many of us have some addiction issues that also just rob us of any joy or peace that we have in our life.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis recovery

This is somebody who struggles with an issue in celebrating recovery, but they also have a mental health issue. It’s for somebody who has depression. This depression leads them to self-medicate or somebody who has suicidal thoughts.


This is a part of a process that can help anybody. However,

what is celebrate recovery

There are some times where we need a little more. Maybe we need to be going to a church counselor or a professional counselor who can prescribe our medicine.

We need to be in a support group where we work through something that’s going on in our lives while we work through celebrate recovery.

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What is celebrate recovery

celebrate recovery is a biblical program. It got eight principles that lead us from one place to the next place, over one day at a time.


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After one day at a time,

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  • They begin where we realize that we’re not God, They face our fears, and face the problems that have to keep people stuck.
  • They turn our lives over to Jesus and do things like taking a moral inventory of our lives
  • Celebrate recovery help to look at all the things that we have been done to us to help us come out of that.
  • They talked to other people about what’s happening. Then, in the end, serve other people


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Celebrate recovery steps

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  • They tell you about this ministry, this place where you can come, and you can find healing no matter what’s going on in your life.
  • Their teams have some people that have gone through celebrate recovery for years that have dealt with issues like anxiety
  • We wake up every morning in a cold sweat and look at their day, and they think, “How am I going to get through today?”
  • Alternatively, by going to a counselor and by working the principles and steps of recovery, they are able to find day-by-day freedom over that issue.


what is celebrate recovery

As an example for celebrate recovery

We think I need to come to a celebrate recovery program because I drink too much. I’m online too much. I spent too much money while that’s true, we need to get out that simple behavior. We need to root it out.


The truth is, is that often the reason we’re doing those things are buried deeper inside of us. Therefore, that’s what recovery allows us to do. It allows us to find that that pain that’s in our lives, it’s keeping us frozen, keeping us stuck.

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Celebrate recovery programs near me

Find a ministry near you, a church new year, who does celebrate recovery so that you can work through your issues.

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